OEM / ODM Support

Manufacturing & OEM / ODM Support

We are fast growing and awarded startup that specialize in designing and developing accessories for mobile photography. Our products include the well-recognised and most compact 6-in-1 shiftable lens case for iPhones, and the awarded design of the universal and revolvable 3-in-1 lens clip with detachable LED light and selfie mirror.

With integrated manufacturing experience, product development and design capabilities, we know how important it is to engage and communicate with factories early in the process of fabrication.

We also offer global customized service, we have a proven ability to OEM/ODM the products which at the same time, keeping creativity and innovation high to meet our consumer's desire.

Other Supports:

From sales and marketing, product designers, R&D, mechanical and electronic engineers, to manufacturing partners, we share a working habit of constant communication on a daily basis. The result of such efficient turnaround time model allows every stakeholder to contribute their professional knowledge to make things possible, leading to a perfect product design that is manufacturable with an affordable price tag. The product is built with quality and durability in mind, while we make sure the price is economical so we can reach the mass market possible.

Talk to our sales team!

It's easy to initiate an OEM / ODM alliance with us or find out more about the OEM / ODM program. Product catalogue is available upon request.

Please simply email us at sales@shiftcam.com.

Our sales team will explain the full range of the products and help you explore the opportunities of working with us!