Protect your ShiftCam gears with care.

We spend countless hours designing, engineering, and testing the products we sell, but despite our best efforts we know that nothing is perfect. That's why we created ShiftCam Care, to protect your ShiftCam gears.

Our 12 Months ShiftCam Care Warranty covers:

Manufacturing defects
Failures or breakages that render part or all of your product to become non-functional

Our 12 Months ShiftCam Care Warranty does not cover:
Products that are not registered on our site within one month after purchase
Items that are not directly bought from or other authorised reseller channel
Cosmetic blemishes, scratches, stains, or wear & tear
Failures or breakages due to misuse, neglect, or intentional damage
To submit a warranty claim, scroll all the way down. Or read on to learn more.

We have designed and built our products to work well with as many devices and accessories as possible, and we believe our gear is very safe to use. ShiftCam is not liable for damage to devices, smartphones, cameras, equipment, clothing or anything in your surrounding environment as a result of using them. ShiftCam is also not liable for bodily injury to yourself or others as a result of using our gears.

Got something that is broken and needs repair or replacement? Just click the button below to initiate your warranty claim.

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*ShiftCam Care Terms & Conditions Applied.